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Back in the 80s our parents, Giuseppe Carlo and Giovanni founded the company "La Vittoria sas", a simple society in which they invested all their few belongings and talent. The name "La Vittoria" (means The Victory) comes from the nearby church devoted to Virgin Mary named Victory situated a few hundred meters from the plant. The "madness" to open a company represented the normal development work with respect to the previous activities of production/trade of straw and hay forages.

Their cohesion and spirit of sacrifice, inspired and guided by our dear grandfather Domenico, make the new company a great success story. The beginning was not easy ... the first few months were dedicated to the construction work, installation of buildings, installation of production machinery. The first year of business life ended with a low selling and high debts with banks. The farm produced feed straw and or hay used as semi-finished products from other companies. The main customers were big italian mills (Petrini, Mignini, Dell'Aventino, Raggio di Sole, Veronesi ...). Since then, "much water has passed under the bridge".

In 1987 the factory was completely destroyed by a devastating fire started by a group of young men who, having nothing better to do one evening they decided to make a bonfire ... the flames rose up to hundreds of meters tall ... The fire continued uninterrupted for approx 5 days. We can never erase from our memory of those days, the faces of our parents were a mixture of pain, anger and frustration. The damage was very heavy: the iron warehouses (12 meters tall) were crumpled in a heap of twisted iron, the 2 trucks (loaded with straw) completly burned, melted, forages (2000 tons straw and hay) remained only ashes ... 90% of the plants were destroyed! But just when everyone should throw in the towel all our parents gave evidence once again of immense courage and spirit of sacrifice. We, at the time were almost teenager, we were impressed by so much willpower. In 2 months the production restared!

In 2008  "La Vittoria s.r.l." has been created which actually signed the generational company change. Since then we (Grazia, Andrea and Luciano), inspired by our parents, we bring the company forward.

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